[[File:Ameterasu Gamma]]
The Burning Light Awakens
Dragon God of Light
Forgotten Dream God
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Second Primeval Era
Family Tsukoyomi, Tiamat
Status Active
Eye Color Yellow, Red
Hair Color Red
Height -
Blood type Quintessence
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Excellent
Affiliation Awaken, Dreamspawn
Weapons Crimson Scythe, Crimson Sword, Claws, Horns
Species Usugurai, Deity
Base of Operations The Moon
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Serving Awaken
Abilities Fire Magic, Light Magic, Divinity, Dream Manipulation, Smite
Fighting Style -
Partner Tsukoyomi, Tiamat
Team -
Relatives Tsukoyomi, Tiamat
Marital Status Single

Amaterasu is a dragonic entity serving Awaken on the side of the Dreamspawn. It has similar characteristics to a Dreamspawn, but is sentient. Its true nature is largely unknown.

Info Edit

Amaterasu is a dragon with the power of fire and light, its upper arms end in two weapons, a scythe and a sword. Its lower arms are clawed hands. The creature is red with gold/yellow highlights, and has a mane of red hair. Depending on its stage of power affects its appearance, its final appearance, Perfect Amaterasu has three arms, large wings, and a long tail. Alternatively can take a human form in specific situations.

It is a summonable creature in AwaKen: Descent Into Slumber.

Lore Edit

Amaterasu was one of the great beings forged from the power of a human soul, a Usugurai. It like the other Usugurai, served Ze before the time he employed Angels. However, in Ze's great battle to save Ardor, the Usugurai fell, Awaken seizing the beings Amaterasu and Tsukoyomi.

They from then on were continuously seen attacking Ardor, leading Awaken's Dreamspawn. However, they were always accompanied by a third, previously unknown Usugurai, the enigmatic Tiamat.

It is said that in the presence of a combined effort, Ardor would be powerless to stop the Three Chaos Dragons.

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Amaterasu's Symbol