Central Ancient Hills, first map.

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The Ancient Hills is one of the many regions in the world of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale. It is the starting region the player enters to begin their adventure after the introduction. It consists of many multiple areas, and contains many secrets. Only through heavy exploration can one discover the many secrets located within.

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  • Central Ancient Hills - The immediately accessible part of the Ancient Hills, it has various lakes and rivers running through it. Places accessible from here: Secret Valley, Pito Caves, World Scar, Ancient Desert, Snowy Hills, Upper Ancient Hills.
  • Upper Ancient Hills - An area more obscure, it requires knowledge of jumping mechanics to be able to navigate and discover. As it is at a higher elevation, the whole of the landscape can be seen spread out before you, provided you get high enough. This area contains many secrets for the intrepid adventurer.
  • Pito Caves - A section of caves which connect the Central Ancient Hills to the North Ancient Hills. One of the dungeons of the region.
  • North Ancient Hills - The Northern section of the hills, it contains a town, as well as the main chapter dungeon, the Lost Light Chapel. Leads to the Ancient Coast.
  • Secret Valley - A mysterious fog filled valley, full of mystery.
  • World Scar - A massive black canyon whose depths are not yet explored. Exploration not advised.

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SR-MT OST- Ancient Hills

SR-MT OST- Ancient Hills