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The Primordial of Chaos
The Maker of All Things
The Avenging Creator
Important Information
Gender Male (Presented As)
Birth Date Before Time
Family Umetherial, Taka, Hebi
Status Incapacitated/Infinite
Eye Color Usually Crimson, Any Color
Hair Color Any Color
Height Infinite
Blood type Quintessence
Age Infinite
Weight Infinite
Health Eternal
Affiliation The Concept of Chaos
Weapons -
Species Primordial
Base of Operations The Void, The Seat of the Primordials
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) The Absolute God of the Void
Current Occupation Destruction of the Multiverse, Destroy Umetherial
Abilities Conceptual Chaos, Absolute Law Negation, Omnimagic, Omniflare, Cosmos Implosion, Big Bang
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives Umetherial (Creation/Son), Hebi (Nephew), Taka (Nephew)
Marital Status -

This is the page describing Shattered Realm's Primary Antagonist. 


Apothis is the Primordial of Chaos, a being who completely and utterly represents the never ending changes of existence, life, death, they are all ironically bound to his existence, as well as Order's. Without either, the worlds would spiral into utter decay. Like all Primordials, it is assumed impossible to kill him, as he can negate all laws of existence, even Death. To stare in his eyes is to accept utter insanity, his victims left as though mindless. He is the rival of Order.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Apothis is a very chaotic being, with very little consistency in his overall persona or reactions to others. To the few mortals who have dared challenge him, he holds great scorn for. He overall however has a violent personality, having a murderous opinion in regards to the Universe, viewing it as a flawed creation. He further hates Umetherial, and seeks his destruction.

Appearance Edit

The best way to describe Apothis is a black shadow with many countless streaks of color flowing about it, with piercing red eyes glowing through. Those who get close enough can hear what sounds like an ominous heartbeat emanating from him.

Role/History Edit

Apothis existed before all of time and space, before any definition of 'beginning'. Creation was nothing more than a pass time, and Apothis freely experimented with the void, but nothing was ever allowed to exist for more than a brief second before it was made into something else.

It was after an almost infinite amount of time later that Apothis grew bored, and tried to fill his bored with more creation, but to his frustration was unable to fill the void. It eventually occurred to him to create an equal being to himself. Upon doing so, he created Umetherial. At first, he was pleased, but eventually would be upset when he discovered Umetherial was not in fact an equal, but was different to him, never changing and remaining static. He began to believe he was a failed creation and inferior, and so after a long time of indecision, he attempted to destroy Umetherial, only for him to discover his creation was equally matched in power, using powers he wasn't aware of to counter him. Their battle would lead to the formation of the Universes, and to this day, Apothis hates both the Universes and Umetherial, plotting their destruction.

In the Games Edit

The Mad One and the Brink Wars Edit

Brink Finale Mad One (Overdrive Apothis)-0

Brink Finale Mad One (Overdrive Apothis)-0

Final Form of Apothis