Arilla Shiider
[[File:Arilla Shiider]]
Prophet of the Guadian
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Yellow, Red, Green (Former)
Hair Color Red
Height -
Blood type -
Age 19
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Guadian, Dragonface
Weapons Claws, Teeth
Species Ratwolf Guadian
Base of Operations None
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Servant
Current Occupation Prophet of the Guadian
Abilities Dark Magic, Infection, Fire Magic, Telepathy
Fighting Style -
Partner Dragon Face
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Active character page, will be updated with the progression of Doragon Konpaku and related comics.


Arilla is a Ratwolf Guadian, of the Humanform variety. She was once human until her corruption by a pack of Ratwolves. She has been linked with the Black Guadian Dragon and is now its Prophet.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Arilla is a humanform guadian with grey-white skin, dark gold eyes, with black sclerae. She sports 'fire-red' hair that comes down to her waist, and has two mouse shaped grey-white ears from her head. She has a large furry red tail, and sports claws instead of finger and toe nails. As she has yet to become a Pure Blood, she has large lines running along her body. These are growth rings, and indicate a human body still exists inside the Guadian shell, though it will soon be merged with the shell and become Pureblood. Like most Guadian, she has thin nostrils and no nose. She wears ragged brown clothing.

Arilla is by nature oblivious to the world she has been put in, and as such, is rather incompetent. She is mostly carefree, though in stressful situations, she tends to freak out or snap. She is known to switch personalities with the Black Guadian Dragon when it is using her as its host.


Natural Weaponry Edit

Arillia is part beast, granting her access to natural weaponry such as claws, teeth, and brute strength.

Speaker of the Dragon Edit

Arillia has a unique bond with the Black Guadian Dragon, granting her powers that are still developing.


Arilla was a human serving in a inn in a remote region of the land, rather impoverished and disrespected by her friends, even more so by her parental guardian, a priestess who did not see eye to eye with her often.

Current EventsEdit

During one of her disagreements with her guardian, Arilla ran away from home, only to be ambushed by Ratwolf Guadians, who bit, infected, and then dragged her away to their caves, where her infection began to take hold of her. Overseeing this transformation was none other than Dragon Face, who informed her that she would be of great use to him in bringing about the return of the Black Guadian Dragon.