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Av Redwing
[[File:Av Redwing]]
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 3068 p.w.
Family Kawoi Redwing(Brother), Lord Mangus(Father)
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red-Pink
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 16
Weight -
Health Healthy
Affiliation Mangus Knights
Weapons Longsword, Dagger
Species Human(Ardor)
Base of Operations Kanora(Former), Moon
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Mangus Knight
Abilities Fire, Light, True Sight
Fighting Style Damage
Partner Kawoi, Gavos, Glade
Team Mangus Knights
Relatives Kawoi, Mangus
Marital Status Single

Info Edit

Av Redwing is the main protagonist of AwaKen: Descent Into Slumber. She is a new recruit of the Mangus Knights at the time of the game's intro sequence.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Av is a 16 year old Ardor Human with Reddish Pink hair and green eyes, and wears a brown cloak and robes with purple details, as well as large grey shoulderplates. Her hair tends to grow down toward the upper half of her back.

She doesn't like to take things seriously, although she understands the situations well enough. She often acts light hearted to disguise her own troubles, as to not bring down the others. She has a profound desire to change the world so that humanity can finally experience a perfect world, like that told of by Ze, the deity of Ardor.

History Edit

As a young girl, Av was always quite happy, unaffected by Negativity. She and her brother used to wander the forests, something her father heavily discouraged, yet she and her brother ignorantly did not heed his words, not knowing the concept of 'danger.'

One day they played as usual, when a Kracktos appeared and proceeded to hunt them down. Inducing horrific nightmares into the two, it scarred them for life and exposed them to Negativity, ending the ignorance they had once shared with the majority of Ardor's population. The twins resolved to change the world and put an end to the existence of Dreamspawn.

As of the intro, Av will be joining the ranks of the Mangus Knights, and going through a final trial to take her place as a member of the organization.