Awakener Belladona

Belladona, an example of a Awakener.

Awakeners are a class in Shattered Realms, and fall under two categories, Primals and Shamans. While Shamans favor balance and a 'give and take' philosophy, Primals focus on the self's desires and taking power as they need it, rather than living in balance and communion with the elements. Both types have exceptional access to the Primal Realm's energies.

Shamans Edit

Abilities Edit

Elemental Manipulation

Balance Manipulation and Inducement

White Magic

Tranquil Spirit

Ailment Resistance

Nature Communion

Strengths Edit

Have the ability to balance nature and maintain order in the world, vast healing and defensive abilities.

Weaknesses Edit

Cannot create portals to the Primal Realm, Low Offensive Ability

Availability Edit

Very common, practiced by nature loving races frequently.

Primals Edit

Abilities Edit

Elemental Magic

Chaos Manipulation and Inducement

Black Magic

Primal Gates

Primordial Forces

Strengths Edit

Great at offense, opening Portals to the Primal Realm and accessing vast powers.

Weaknesses Edit

Incredibly dangerous when using powers wrong, could create a Primal Cascade.

Availability Edit

Rare, a rare genetic trait or gifted by deities.