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This wiki is an archive for the heavily in development gaming world collectively known as Axis of Destruction, the setting was originally created by AoDLegacy, an independent game developer and story author among other things. This wiki is created for the viewing of the lore created already, as well as a place for expansion by those who wish to help expand the worlds and back history with their own touches.

A number of stories not canon to Axis of Destruction are also archived here, such as Doragon Konpaku.

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Shattered Realms

The Heroes
Set in the fantasy world of Oxorin, Shattered Realms is a rpg series originating from 2011 and is being reimagined in a new series of games, the Mortal Tale series. A world once broken, it is now a world full of mystery and diverse beings, from simple humans, to godly Dijra. Having survived the very apocalypse itself, the people of Oxorin will not give up without a fight, yet when the very creator of the universe seeks its destruction, will it be enough?


A series set at the beginning of the AoD Canon, it is a series of dark fantasy games in which humanity faces an onslaught of mysterious creatures called Dreamspawn, and their world Ardor is ever threatened by the leader of the Dreamspawn, Awaken. The only defense they possess is the mystical Mangus Knights, who defend the realm at any cost, especially to themselves.

Far East

Set in a distant world ruled mainly by the Wood Elves and High Elves, this is a tale of two young members of a lost race known as the Hawk Elves, as their home is destroyed by the enemy nation of Cale, the only human civilization in the world. Together, Nel and Elise must survive a harsh, unrelenting world as they struggle to reach the safety of the High Elves to the East. Will they survive in the harsh world of Elleamore? That is up to you to decide.
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Doragon Konpaku

A separate continuity of existence entirely, Doragon Konpaku is the story of Rukia Katana and humanity at large, struggling to survive in a world ravaged by a race of monsters known as Guadian, which infect humans for the purpose of reenginnering them into Humanform Guadian, superior and more powerful versions of their species. Many mysteries and legends exist in this world, but the truth may be harder to fathom than reality.

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