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Death is the Main Antagonist of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, and a reoccurring boss. He is the main introduction to Timed Battling, as well as boss battles in general. He rules the Realm of the Dead, and is making a bid to destroy all life in the world of the living.

Music Themes: Power Beyond Knowing [First Encounter], Power Beyond Knowing [Regular], The Battle for All of Fate

Appearance and Personality Edit

Death is a being with a robe made of pure darkness, his hood illuminated in red. His face appears to be covered by the Kanji of Death. Ghostly blue chains can be seen hanging from his robes and his chest.

Death is a rather boastful, arrogant being who perceives themselves as having a divine right to rule, coveting the power of Gods. He is patient and cunning, though when he fails to account for certain details, he becomes more agitated and frustrated, losing his composure.

Despite his success at conquering most of the realm, he is strangely set back by the Player's actions. Either the being is incompetent, or something much greater is at play in the realms.

Story Edit

Death is a mysterious entity that was predicted to appear during the Second Age of Chaos by the Prophets nearly 500 years prior to the start of the game, though the Prophets believed that the Heroes of old would be summoned forth by the Gods, this did not come to pass and instead, 500 years of darkness descended upon Majoria. The Prophets, along with the Deities and their Heroes were great threats, and so unknown to most, Death orchestrated the deaths of most of the Prophets, sealed away the Gods, and locked away the spirits of the Heroes in eternal slumber.

He would go on to claim control over most of the north half of Majoria up until the start of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, when he began to set his focus on the Southern Commonwealth, one of the last regions of humanity still free, virtually unopposed, Death was confident in his plans, save for a few problems he did not foresee...

Events of SR:MT Edit

Death had been long hunting a Prophet by the name of Me'zhad since the earliest days of his invasion, as he was the last Prophet, due in part to the Prophet's wisdom and quick thinking, he was able to evade the dark entity and his influence over the public. Due to reasons that remain untold, the prophet was eventually captured and was facing execution, when something caught Death's attention- -the stirring of a Hero's soul.

Desperate to contain the situation, Death left in a panic for the Underworld, knowing that just a single Hero could fulfill the word of the gods and defeat him. A rogue goddess not accounted for had slipped in and released the Hero, and guided them to another Hero's soul, Xiaa, as well as the exit to the Underworld itself. Eager to contain the situation, Death engages them in battle, the battle clearly in his favor, and even when seemingly beaten, Death proves more cunning and is about to dispatch the both of them, when the Goddess directly intervenes, forcing Death to retreat back to Majoria.

Appearing in the world, the hero Nero soon falls victim to Death's curse, an insurance policy to prevent them from posing a long term threat, though the Red Knight had foreseen this and uses her power to delay the effects throughout the Hero's quest, greatly impeding his attempt to control the situation.

Death remains unheard from until the end of Chapter 1, when a conversation between him and the Cloaked Man reveals their collaboration, the two clearly frustrated with each other, Death at the Cloaked Man for letting the Goddess run amok, and the Cloaked Man for the failure of Death to contain the Hero properly. After the exchange, which reveals Death's name, 'Azreal', and his status as an Angel, he calls upon an undisclosed group to take care of the growing problem.