One or a million, you are all the same. Worthless heroes who don't even know what they're saving.
Hand of Chaos
Right Hand of Cloaked Man
The Dark Emissary
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date  ???
Family ???
Status Active
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type Unknown
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Cult of Chaos, Prophet of Chaos
Weapons Staff, Ring of Power
Species Human (Presumed)
Base of Operations Unknown
Quests Defeat Bismuth at Caldera's Keep
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Right Hand Of the Cult
Abilities Elemental Magic, Supernatural Strength, Healing Magic, Chaos Magic
Fighting Style -
Partner Unknown
Team Cult of Chaos
Relatives  ???
Marital Status  ???

Bismuth is an unknown adversary, believed to be a Majorian Human. He follows the Cult of Chaos, and is a powerful mini boss, one of two located in Caldera's Keep.

History Edit

Beyond the engagements with him at Caldera's Keep, it is unknown where Bismuth comes from.

Bismuth appears to be related in some aspect to Iskar, as she seems to know him, to the point where she angrily demanded him to reveal where 'he' was, speaking of the Cult Leader. His only retort was that instead of worrying about a certain pair of monsters, she should have been gracious and accepted the Cult's offering of power, whatever it might have been.

He is encountered a second time in the Pito Caves, once again serving as a mini boss, but is far more powerful than when the Player last met him. He demands the Hero give up and back down, lest he destroy the Player. Failing to ward them off, a duel begins between the two, resulting in Bismuth's defeat. Bismuth disappears, swearing vengeance and assuring the Player's defeat at the hands of the Cloaked Man.

Battle Edit

Here are the stats for Bismuth during the mini boss encounter.

HP 4300
SP 7000
STR 130
DEX 100
AGI 100
INT 199
ATK 120
PDEF 220
MDEF 180
EVA 15
EXP 200
Gold 195

Bismuth will attack, defend, cast Greater Wind, Thunder, Fire, and use Leg Sweep, Beast Slayer, and Armor Break at any time.

At 70% Health he can begin using Mass Wind, and at 50% Health Bismuth begins using Mass Darkness, Radiate, and Greater Heal.

He will periodically comment on the Player's capabilities as they continue to wound him.


Shattered Realms- Mortal Tale- Miniboss Bismuth Battle

Shattered Realms- Mortal Tale- Miniboss Bismuth Battle

Bismuth Mini Boss

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