Black Guadian Dragon
[[File:Black Guadian Dragon]]
The Ancient Evil Vanquished...
Harbinger of Disaster
God of Death
The Dragon God
Important Information
Gender Unclear, Presumed Male
Birth Date -
Status Incapacitated
Eye Color Red
Hair Color -
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 400 (Presumed)
Weight -
Health Presumed Deceased
Affiliation Guadian
Weapons Claws, Fangs, Horns, Wings, Tail
Species Dragon Guadian
Base of Operations The Holy Land
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Leader of the Guadian
Current Occupation Incapacitated
Abilities Dark Magic, Fire Magic, Death Magic, Divine Power
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status -

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One of the central antagonists of the series, the Black Guadian Dragon and its powers are obscured in mystery and time.


The Black Guadian Dragon was a massive dragon of titanic proportions, more massive than a single mountain. It had various dark colorations, making it difficult to fully see at night, when it was known to attack.

Powers Edit

Dark Magic Edit

The power of the dragon was never truly determined, but its powers and abilities were the stuff of legend, its dark power could blacken the whole of the sky.

Helghast Edit

A burst of pure destructive and negative energy, those who are not immediately obliterated face the fate of the almighty corruptive energies left over, often resulting in the transformation of the target into a Guadian.


The Black Guadian was first seen four hundred years ago, and proceeded to ravage much of the old world. It slew the lives of millions, and brought upon the world an age of darkness and despair. It was only the merger of the Mongi, Zion, and Katana clans that put an end to the Dragon and its servants, the Guadian, though the leader of the Templar, Katrina Katana was lost in the final battle, the site of their final battle became known as the Black Boneyard, a place strictly off limits and guarded by the Templar.

No sign of it has been seen of it since.

Current Events Edit

The Dragon was first seen infecting Rukia Katana's mind, attempting to destroy her. After a quick bout between her and the Dragon, it elected to fire an attack known as Helghast, which would prove too much for Rukia, and dealt her a severe blow with powerful negative energy. Gloating over the aftermath of the blast, the Dragon proudly scoffs at her weakness, as she remembers her past. Its efforts to corrupt Rukia however end in failure as Zack Mongi and the Black Templar Leader intervene, and after a brief engagement, Zack manages to reach Rukia, and activate the Soul Core on his arm, causing her to transform into a Dragon God and singlehandly destroy the Dragon. It is presumed to be incapacitated...

Images Edit


The Dragon, facing off with Katrina Katana.


The ghostly apparition of the Dragon.


Helghast, the Dragon's most feared ability.