Black Templar Leader
From The Beginning I Watch...
Lord of the Dark Arts
Mysterious Stranger
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Unknown
Height -
Blood type B
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Well (Infected)
Affiliation Black Templar
Weapons Unnamed Hakobune
Species Human (Infected)
Base of Operations Unknown
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation L
Abilities Leader of the Black Templar
Fighting Style -
Partner .
Team .
Relatives .
Marital Status Single

Active character page, will be updated with the progression of Doragon Konpaku and related comics.


The Black Templar Leader is a mysterious Black Templar with a strange interest in Rukia's affairs. Little is known about this figure.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Black Templar Leader wears heavy armor and pauldrons typical of a Templar, yet has grey Guadian spikes growing out of his back. Piercing blue eyes is the only part of him really visible. He bares pure white skin typical of a Guadian, yet displays intelligence of man suggesting he has yet to be fully taken by his infection. Notable about his appearance is a distinctive orange and black hood he always wears behind his mask, which is adorned with a four pronged sun symbol of the Katana Clan.

The Black Templar Leader speaks in a dull monotone, and his temperament thus far is aloof and mysterious. He seems to enjoy his air of mystery, as he has no trouble dodging questions and leaving frustration as to his motive.


Dark Magic Edit

The Black Templar Leader has been seen using a form of Dark Magic to Shadow Travel, but little else has been seen of this character's powers.

Levitation Edit

A minor ability, he seems to be able to defy gravity.

Sword Arts - Katana Quickdraw Style Edit

Sprite Flash Edit

Guadian Manifestation Edit

The Black Templar Leader summons forth his inner power, granting him increased speed and strength as well as wings, tail, and horns.



Current EventsEdit

The Black Templar Leader was first seen confronting Rukia and warning her to avoid an individual named Dragon Face, soon after vanishing into thin air.

He later appears to find Rukia and Zack unconscious, and decides to intervene. Appearing in Rukia's dreamscape, he warns Zack not to touch her, as he will make things far worse. He explains that Zack's use of the bracelet, the Sōru koa has lead to an instability in Rukia's souls, among the Dragon, Dark, and Light Souls. After finding their way to Rukia's darkness, the Black Templar Leader fights to defeat the manifested Black Guadian Dragon in Rukia's mind. After the defeat of the Dragon, and after Rukia's mad rampage due to the remaining imbalance temporarily turns her into a Dragon God, The Masked Templar leaves to inform his fellow Black Templar of the events that transpired, leaving as guards spot him...