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A fallen Dijra of old, few records exist of who she was, save for her title as Dijra of Power. She once dwelled in a palace where the Well of the Moon now stands, though she has long been known by the Dijra to be deceased, or at least incapable of returning to a physical form, as her power has seeped into the land around Eastrun City.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Calypso is a tall, dark skinned humanoid with blue wing like ears, long green and blue hair, and purple eyes, and wears a white labcoat with white armor underneath. Her hair is tied into a ponytail that ends in a large metallic ornament that doubles as a weapon, and her skin has glowing red mana circuits running along her body.

Calypso is a malevolent, warped being obsessed with power, and suffers from mania due to the depths of her research. She is haughty and arrogant, believing that mortals are meant to return to their old roots.

History Edit

Calypso was once a Titan who dreamed of being the equal of the Titanic Pantheon's best minds, and dove deep into her research. After many years, it was discovered that Titans were degrading into weaker and weaker forms, and Calypso was determined to find out why. She began researching a substance known as Quintessence, and as she continued, she would slowly delve deeper and deeper into madness, until finally enacting a plan to transform herself into a Dijra, consuming the souls of fellow Titans to evolve herself. This act broke her completely, transforming her into a being of pure, unbridled lust for power, and she turned on the rest of Titan kind. In the great battle, the Pantheon eventually struck her down, and her form broke apart, becoming the Well of the Moon. Her gravesite was hidden inside a Titan Facility, where she would remain lost for thousands of years, until a group of monks discovered the Well, and the boundless power within. Dedicating themselves to protecting it and using it only for good, they became the Order of the Lost Light.

Current Edit

Calypso isn't directly seen in Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale unless Iskar chooses to go to the Well of the Moon and attempt to find a way to cure Phea and Illia, which causes Cloaked Man to begin performing the Ritual of Ascendance upon her, slowly warping her being further and further into a vessel suitable for Calypso to inhabit and take over.

When at last Iskar's mind is destroyed and her body remade and perfect for Calypso's use, she takes control of the newborn Titan and is reborn, prompting a final battle between the Player and her, not before betraying The Cloaked Man. If the Player had a good impression on Slae, she will withstand Calypso's attack on her and fight alongside the Player. If not, and she perishes, a stranger named Allene appears to do battle against Calypso.

The battle is long and hard, but Calypso is defeated and dispelled once again, though Iskar's life was the ultimate cost.