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Celestials, sometimes known as Avians, are a heavenly race of humanoids descended from the Titans and Dijra, some of the most powerful beings to have been born, and indeed one of the legendary primitive godly beings of the very first days of the universes. Though now few in number, traces of them can still be seen. Their descendants are the Hawk Elves of Elleamore, the Highborn, Elves, and Humans of countless worlds.

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Celestials are one of the taller humanoid races, standing taller than a full grown human male, even their women are taller for that matter. They can be easily identified by their wing like ears, and large heavenly wings. They were known to possess long hair, green hair was not uncommon, indeed, a Celestial could possess any number of hair and eye colors, even ones considered unnatural for humans like pink.

History Edit

The Celestials, born of the fragments of the Titan Empire, established many small empires and republics in the shadow of their fathers, their influence shaped a number of worlds, and would later become the inspiration for Angels. They would come to be known as masters of ancient lore and divine magic, before their inevitable and mysterious disappearance. Now few can be found throughout the world, angels are now often mistaken for Celestials.
Celestial iskar by axisofdestruction-d9xfh3f

Iskar portrayed as a Celestial.