The Dijra in AoD are a race of nigh transcendent beings that were once common throughout the AoD Multiverse but now exist in relative obscurity.

The few that do can only be found on worlds with humans.

History Edit

While life was initially created as an abstract and chaotic force, the Dijra was the first intentionally designed race created by Apothis, to be used as weapons against Umetherial. However, after the war between Dragons and Dijra, the race splintered away from Apothis, a fair number no longer support him. A dying race in the face of Devolution and being changed into the majority of the old gods, they are now far and few, but in their remaining seats of power, they are uncontested.

Some desire to return to their former universal glory, while others are content to remain idle in the pages of history.

Physiology Edit

Dijra are the embodiments of various aspects of humanity, and possess amazing powers over each. They control their concepts on a cosmic level, and each Dijra has the ability to change their forms to any extent.

Dijra were created with pure Energy Quintessence, representative of Chaos, Life, Emotion, Power, and Energy, and are considered a true source of divine power. They appear to have no conceivable limit to their potential, and are the only race aside from Dragons who are blessed by a Primordial.

Dijra in some cases cannot breed with each other, and must breed with lower life forms, creating Dijraborn. In worlds where Dijra can no longer breed with each other, there are usually rituals established to help their children become new Dijra.

It appears that a curse exists upon the Dijra, causing some form of cosmic clash between the old and new generations, with no reasonable source or explanation for this behavior. Algemaron, the true Dijra King, may know the truth behind it.

Apothis is currently the Patron of the Dijra.

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