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Dragons are one of the oldest and common races in the AoD Universes, being one of two original races that

once held dominance over the worlds. They are also a incredibly diverse type of monster, as well as the typically strongest type. They were originally created by Umetherial, but have since diversified their faith to include Order and Chaos.

History Edit

The Dragons were one of the first living creatures in existence, during the earliest stage of Life's existence. They were simple creatures, yet possessed a unique song that they sung as they looked out into the radiant cosmos. One fateful evening they would discover the presence of a vast force in the cosmos, and begun to sing to it, unaware that it was Umetherial, the Primordial of Order, destroying countless worlds. Upon reaching the world of the Dragons, Umetherial was about to destroy them and their world, when he heard their song, and realizing that their voices were the soothing presences he felt during his long campaign, withdrew his wrath and instead uplifted them, creating the first True Dragons. The Dragons soon soared throughout the wondrous cosmos, creating the Draconic Empire. This Empire would eventually be destroyed when Apothis' creations, the Dijra, were attacked by a traitor of the Dragons, and soon retaliated, effectively splintering both primordial mortal races into many factions and pieces.

The Dragons continue to present a powerful presence and command great power even to this day.

Dragon Types Edit

True Dragon Edit

True Dragons are the original version of Dragons, and were known to have six or more wings, but just as easily could have two. They are your standard image of a dragon, and are easily considered to be one of the most powerful races in the worlds, but are very rare.

Crest Dragon Edit

The Crest Dragons still maintain their usual appearance, but only have two legs, usually their hind legs. They have been measured to grow twice as large as a blue whale.

Drake Edit

Drakes are the most common of dragons, but are actually lacking in any sort of limbs other than wings. They range around the size of an average blue whale, rarely getting bigger than that.

Accursed Dragon Edit

Twisted and corrupted from the time of the Dragon's fall, Accursed Dragons are wicked beings that come in all shapes and sizes.

Dragonkin Edit

Dragonkin are humanoid like creatures derived from the influence of Dragonic magic, many serve their creators willingly. The few dragons above ground tend to accumulate their own loyal armies of these creatures.

  • Dravionid
  • Tyranonid - Creatures of a two legged variety, mostly predatory and gargantuan in size. Most closely resemble dinosaurs.
  • Cyclonid
  • Avionid
  • Iroonid

Half-Dragon Edit

The Half Humanoid Half Dragons of the world are far and few, but are often born to some of the cosmos' most unique powers as a result.

Dragonid Edit

Dragonids are former dragons, punished by the divine for their brutality and savagery, a cold reminder to Dragons that power should not be abused. They are little more than savage beasts, and often have no form of intelligence.

Arena of the Dragonkin

A picture of a Dragon Imp and a Dravionid

Gamma Tiamat

Tiamat, a Chaos Dragon.


Seven Winged Drake


Ute'quera, a Black Thorn Drake.