The Far Realm

The Far Realm

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The Far Realms, also known as the Lower Realms or the Farplane, is a region of space that exists below the Universes, it is the region of existence which connects everything together. Filled with dead and crumbling worlds, dying stars, and relics of the past long forgotten, these realms are the most alien and bleak regions in all of existence. Bordering the Void itself, which casts a red and green hue over the skies, the Far Realm is home to some of the most bizarre lifeforms, lifeforms that can only be described as alien.

All dead things flow into the Far Realm, even souls. It is said that all things originate at the top of the universes, then flow downward and into the Far Realm at their death. This is also said to be the location of the Underworld. The prison of the Avatar of Apothis is located here as well.


Apothis - Primordial of Chaos [Weakened]

Abberations - Creatures strange and beyond typical description are common amongst the Lower Realms, as they require unique and strange ways to survive.

Humanoids [Rare] - There are bands of humanoids that dwell within the more stable regions of the Lower Realms, but they are far and few.

Dead Gods - Deities that are no longer worshiped or who are killed in battle often find themselves forever stuck in this plane of existence, their knowledge great and boundless. Most deities chose to pass on rather than suffer this fate, but there are those whose ambitions will never rest.

Brink Beasts - A dying race in the main region of the universes, Brink Beasts were Apothis' loyal servants, but after his fall many died off without his power, the few survivors mainly congregate here, and this realm seems to be where they can truly thrive.

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