The First Primeval Era was the first age of history in the universe, beginning with the Universe's creation, and the fall of the Dragon and Dijra Empires. Its end marked the end of the Age of the Immortals, and the dawn of mortal kind. Deities would first appear at the end of this era.

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War of Creation

Notable Moments of History Edit

  1. The War of Creation
  2. Beginning of Time and Space
  3. Umetherial Creates Dragonkind
  4. Apothis Creates Dijrankin
  5. Beginning of the Age of Immortals
  6. Beginning of the Cycle of Destruction
  7. Dragonkind and Dijrankin expand to the full reaches of the Universe
  8. Apothis tempts Primeval Sin to begin the Dijra-Dragon War
  9. The First Chaos War begins
  10. Dragonkind punished and cursed, Deities established to govern the Worlds to prevent interplanetary war.
  11. Dijrankin begin to lose power, Deevolution begins
  12. Rise of the Titans
  13. Birth of the Titanic Imperium
  14. Titans challenge the Gods
  15. Beginning of the Titan God War
  16. Fall of the Titans, birth of Celestials and Avians
  17. Creation of the Angels and Demons
  18. The Chaos War Ends, Apothis and Umetherial retreat into the Cosmic Void
  19. End of the Age of Immortals, Dawn of the Age of Mortals
  20. First Primeval Era ends with the restructuring of power of mortal races, countless worlds destroyed as a result of the Chaos War between Umetherial and Apothis.
  21. Second Primeval Era Begins