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Zack with Arizro engaged.

Info Edit

Hakobune (Arc) are magic weapons created and wielded by Templar Knights, and while most appear as swords, a great many of them appear as various kinds of weapons, including staffs, axes, daggers, and even fist armaments. Some deceptively harmless Hakobune may even appear as inanimate objects not even classified as a weapon.

While they have a form of release mechanism, Hakobune are extremely diverse in fuction, and can have many forms and abilities.


Hakobune are known for being organized into categories relating to their source of power and type of attacks they unleash.

Shinsenia Edit

The Shinsenia, the (Sacred Arc)s, are wielded by the Mongi Clan, and are the first type of Hakobune to be created. Their magic comes from channeling a divine being or spirit, often resulting in some cases in a temporary possession of the wielder. These swords are known to be passed down through generations, such as Arizro, which was first wielded by Lord Mongi, and now is in the possession of Zack Mongi. These swords are the rival of the Horiaku type of Hakobune.


Bisutoaku, the (Beast Arc)s, are weapons with more physical attacks than anything else. They are some of the varied weapons, often becoming blades of legend told in veteran's war stories. An example of one of these blades is the Dancing Millipede, one of the most deadly swords that can be passed down. These swords are not family specific, but rather randomly occur through the Templar generations.

Horiaku Edit

Horiaku (Holy Arc) are the opposite of the Shinesina blades, powered by prayers/favors to a spirit or deity, which grants the user power. An example is Shinja Tenris, Adam's Serpant/Venom sword. They are the second oldest Hakobune, and are typically wielded by the Zion Clan.

Lost Arc Edit

There is a fourth type, mainly the Lost Arcs. These swords are only born once, and their powers are random in strength and type. They are fueled by the person's own mana, much like the Bisutoaku. An example of one is Rukia's unnamed sword, which once she dies, will never appear again in any Templar.


Hakobune are created in two ways: forging the weapon themselves (Lost Arc) or inherited via a clan (The three main types). When forged by hand, the Hakobune draws from the nature of the person's soul, and takes on characteristics of the person, essentially becoming an extension of the self. On top of this, the weapon is customized to have various powers that the wielder desires. The strength of the power directly correlates to how much Aura is absorbed from the user.

Known HakobuneEdit

  • Arizro (Zack, Lord Mongi)
  • Shirna Tenris (Adam, Lord Zion)
  • Ten no ame (Rukia)
  • Gurētogādotsurī kōhai (Tsuri/Chocolate Shop Guy)
  • Unknown Hakobune (Arashi)
  • Dancing Millipede (Rajor)
  • Unnamed Crosssword (Kehekio)