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Hawk Elves are an ancient ancestor of the Elf race, legendary for their powerful magics and ancient empires. They are said to be the missing link between Elves, Highborn, and the Celestial race.

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Hawk Elves, the ancestors of modern elves, have distinctly unique traits that make them the missing link between multiple races, and fall under several major lineages.

Those of the Imperial Bloodline, which is all but extinct, possess traits far removed from the rest of their kin, such as tail feathers, feathered eyebrows, and winged ears. They are graced with a surreal beauty, even some men are closer to beauty than masculinity. They possess the highest concentration of magic in their blood, and possess iridescent wings. There are some Hawk Elves with traces of this lineage, which if purified, would resurrect the imperial line.

The Common Bloodline Hawk Elves are incredibly diverse, but share traits strongly with the Highborn, such as long pointed ears. They possess an incredibly large diverse amount of hair, eye, feather, and skin colors, from plaster white to tans. They once shared similar but less grander features to the Imperial line, but slow regressions have made them more like the Lower Elven races.

Darkwing Bloodline Hawk Elves have black hair, red eyes, and typically dark skin and feather colors, but are still capable of diverse feather colors, but dark colors are more common. They acquired this distinct appearance during the Shadowfall Wars, twisted by the Shadowplane's influence.

All Hawk Elves possess an affinity for magic, and most typically gain their wings at the age of 15, which is the age of adulthood for their species. Some however, do not grow their wings til later in their adult life. These Hawk Elves tend to awaken inner power hailing from the Imperial Line in some capacity. They are much stronger than an average human, with life expectancy ranging from hundreds to thousands of years, with little sign of aging. They are generally avid learners and can learn most tasks expected of them relatively easy.

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The Hawk Elves were once the Celestial race and controlled a vast floating Empire which would one day become the land of Elleamore, their technology and magic were beyond mortal comprehension. However, a great calamity struck the empire, and the land crashed into the sea, forming the present landmass. The survivors of the tragedy were lead by Lord Ayron and Tama, who settled among the ruins of their great nation. Over time, the Hawk Elves, spread across the whole of the land, began to devolve, becoming Highborn, and eventually elves.

Meanwhile, in the center of the landmass, the Humans were born of Shadow, a miserable race with no hope of surviving the deserts they were born in. However, the Hawk Elves took pity and taught them how to survive, before departing into their present home of the Hidden Village, hidden deep inside the Blackwood Forest. They were forced to emerge and put a stop to a surge of dark power from the Shadowplane, which brought forth dark monsters into the world. This conflict which brought Elves, Hawk Elves, and Humans together, was dubbed the Shadowfall Wars. After the defeat of monster kind, the Hawk Elves would retreat deep inside the forests, never to be heard from again, but sought after by many.

That is, until the events of Far East...

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