The Captains

The Head Captains.

This page updates with Doragon Konpaku. Spoilers ahead.


The Nine most powerful captains in the Templar Order. They consist of four men and four women.

From left to right: Taom, Durgi, Tusuri, Adla, Melona, Ri, Husuna, Sulpher.


The leader of the Head Captains is the Grand Templar, Arashi Katana. Beneath these nine captains are the hundreds of Regiment Captains and Squad Captains, and beneath them the normal Templar. There is no limit to the actual number of Captains that can be in the rank of Head Captain, though there has been a tradition of ten. Each captain oversees various operations of the Templar. They only gather at the request of their leader, Arashi.


  1. Arashi: Grand Templar, the Absolute Monarch appointed by the deities and tested by the eight presiding Head Captains. The right hand of the Grand Templar temporarily runs the state in times of crisis. Possesses absolute authority, to challenge him is to commit treason and blasphemy against the state.
  2. Husuna: Often works with Arashi as a secretary, her department is the Intelligence and Analysis Corps.
  3. Sulpher: Works with the Templar Intelligence Corps as the head of the Silent Ops Corps. Possesses unique Black Magic.
  4. Durgi: Master of Arms in the Templar, commands the Templar Offensive Branch of the Military.
  5. Taom: Master of Defense in the Templar, commands the Templar Defense Department. Reels in Durgi's hot headed attitude.
  6. Melona: Master of Martial Arts, commands the Military Reserves and funds the Research Department.
  7. Tsurī: Templar General Operations Director, the handyman of the Head Captains. Uncanny intuition, often an adviser to Arashi.
  8. Rii: Commands the Education and Recruitment Departments. Reserve Forces Captain.
  9. Adla: Master of Magic, co heads Department of Research and Aura with Melona.


The Head Captains follow Arashi's command, though some of the captains are not as keen on the plan to invade the West Nations as others. They intend to forcibly control the disobedient West, and then create a army to invade and destroy the Guadian once and for all. This plan has been made even more urgent by Arashi's vision.