Humans in AoD are a vast species ranging from multiple different worlds, each with their own cultures and even appearances and power level, and among some of the most populous in the Senerai Universe. They are often the focus of the games, as their determination to survive in spite of the harsh worlds around them make them the most endearing of the races.

Physiology Edit

Human refers to a large swath of humanoids who fall under a few general principals, with the men and women possessing distinct physical differences, most possessing no discernible additional limbs other than their arms and legs, and all humans possess rounded ears and proportionate bodies.

Beyond this, humans are surprisingly varied in powers, appearances, and talents, one of the most adaptive races in the universes. On the lowest end of Evolution, Humans when devolved can become many fascinating sub species, ranging from the Anima, to creatures like the Harpy and Naga. They can be found in many environments, despite their perceived frailty, the harshest of environments can be adapted to over generations, and even great calamities across the world seem to only spur them to survive.

The Human term is more of an ambiguation, a word to describe many distinct species that share general characteristics. Some human species are in fact on the same level as the Titans, and so each species and thus the whole of humanity cannot truly be ascribed to a single definition.

Origin and History Edit

Humans as a general class of humanoid have varying origins, but in general it is known that due to a process known as Evolution and Devolution, more mighty species experience decay, or the aforementioned; devolution, and over millions of years, the Human class humanoids first came to be, considered the mutts of unfortunate Elves, there were many cases where these 'powerless' and 'worthless' dredges of Elven society were slain before they could propagate.

Nevertheless, in time predominately elven worlds were doomed to give way to these more feeble creatures, as the vast stretches of their empires could not be sustained with such limitations to their Quintessence. Some elves resent their meager descendants, while others protect them from the dark forces lurking in the worlds, which often times, man cannot protect themselves against.

However, this is a general history of what is commonly known as an Elivite human, other humans came about through other means, such as the Ellean or Ardorite humans.