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Info Edit

Illia is a human turned Harpy at the hands of the Cult of Chaos, and a former member of a north tribe who dwelled deep in the Snowy Hills, a good friend to Iskar. She is also a miniboss in the Lost Light Chapel.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Illia has long blonde hair and violet eyes, her wings are a light brown. Her body covered from her waist to her upper legs and around her neck in brown feathers. When she was human, she bore a blue winter coat with white furs adorning it, built thick to keep warm during the harsh winters.

Illia is known for her temper, being rather quick to jump into a fight with someone. She can be very snippy and difficult, possessing the heart of a warrior. However, she does possess a level of kindness when it is due, and keeps a small circle of companions she truly cares about close to her heart. Part of her temper rubbed off on Iskar.

History Edit

Illia was born in the far north, to a group of native peoples referred to as the North Frost Tribes, born among a collection of children sired by the Chieftain.

She was born amongst his third line, making competition for attention fierce. She bonded closely with her mother, who tried her best to treat her kindly amongst the difficulties of her role with the Chieftain.

Desperate to gain his affection, she sought to become a proud warrior of her people, but found this to be a upward battle, as she was a third generation child of the Chieftain, she was further removed from title than others in her village and so was not given any serious thought, causing her trademark temper and callous nature to form. She eventually proved herself through combat with a mighty Dire Boar, though it cost her severe damage to one of her legs, giving her a slight limp. This feat of strength gained her some respect among her village.

Much later in life, she would be tasked to safeguard the Chieftain in a rare meeting with the Southern Commonwealth, where an ambush from individuals seeking to cause Eastrun and the Frost Tribes to fight each other broke out, causing her and the ambassador to be separated from the others. The ambassador blamed her for the events, and it was due to her ability to work out the relationship as well as keep them both alive that earned her the title of diplomat of the Frost Tribe to the Commonwealth in future years. It was on one such diplomatic adventure that she met a child named Iskar...

Illia had been discussing diplomatic ties with Eastrun City

to advance relations between her people and the Southern Commonwealth, when she eventually hit a wall and had to excuse herself from the talks. Running into Iskar, who had bumped into her absent mindly, Illia proceeded to heavily berate the child for her recklessness. Luckily, Phea arrived to Iskar's defense, and eventually impressed the wild woman with her dancing abilities. The three would become close friends, with Illia being a sort of role model for Iskar later on. However, not all would end well,

as Iskar's dealings with the Cult of Chaos resulted in Illia and Phea being kidnapped and taken to the Lost Light Chapel, where Iskar was tricked into performing a ritual on the two, resulting in Illia being warped into the first Harpy.

Illia becomes a Harpy


Illia's Completion

For several months, she would be enslaved under the cult's command, she and many other victims treated like mere animals. This would come to a head during Nero's final confrontation with the Cult at the Lost Light Chapel, where she is used as a defensive measure against them, resulting in either her death or freedom. In the route where she and Phea are freed, they team up to put an end once and for all to their captors and punish them once and for all...

SR MT Chapter 2 Illia and Phea's Revenge

SR MT Chapter 2 Illia and Phea's Revenge