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Info Edit

Iskar is a young girl born with innate magical abilities, known as a White Mage. Due to the lack of education among the village, people look down on her for her powers and many consider her a witch.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Iskar typically is seen wearing a blue witch's hat, which she was given by her mother, and wears for comfort. She wears predominately blue robes with a red shirt and brown skirt. She has short green hair and bluish purple eyes.

Iskar is largely anti social, preferring to keep to herself. Years of abuse from others have lead her to a withdrawn state, though she also comes with a snappy attitude if provoked. She hates the 'witch' name being used in her presence.

History Edit

Iskar is the daughter of Sil'vea and Erideus Torigan, and was born in Eastrun City. After some time however, the family moved to Hanaru Village, Erideus' home town, where trouble began. As Sil'vea was the queen of Elivite, her relationship with Erideus meant that a half breed would have rights to the crown, as well as her father, a mere human. This sparked controversy within the elven society, and ultimately forced the family apart, with Erideus taking care of Iskar.

At some point the two have grown very distant, and Iskar may have runaway from home without Erideus noticing, resulting in her returning to Eastrun City and meeting Phea, Palvos, and Illia. These times were remembered fondly by Iskar, until she met the Prophet of Chaos, who showed interest in her talents with magic, and began to teach her ancient secrets.

However, it was revealed that he had other motives for her, as he tricked her into using her skills to transform Phea and Illia into a Naga and Harpy respectively, causing her to flee in terror and grief at what she had done, running home to her father and believing her actions to have been a mistake. A fight inevitably breaks out between the two however, and she attempts to leave to solve matters for herself, until she meets the Player, starting the events of the game.

As Party Member Edit

Iskar is one of the characters who can only be acquired as a party member if the proper conditions are met. When talking to Erideus at the beginning of the game, it is important to agree to take Iskar with the Player.

Upon encountering the village riot, it is important to assist Prophet Me'zhad, else Iskar will be displeased and will refuse to accompany the Player on their journey. After this, when the Player returns to the Inn, Iskar will ask for assistance in a mission, if you accept, she will remain in the party.

Themes Edit

Curse of the Witch Edit