Kracktos fanart by deadlyobsession-d9v4odt

Kracktos fanart by DeadlyObsession

The Kracktos is a Dreamspawn of the Plui subtype, and is known as the Waking Nightmare. They possess unimaginable powers over reality.

Powers Edit

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Behavior Edit

Kracktos are a stalking predator, and are very particular about their targets, each one has a unique behavioral profile adept at stalking a specific type of person. They instinctively know the times and places their quarry will be the most vulnerable to attack, and often set up their ambushes for weeks. Incredibly intelligent, Kracktos actively will adapt to the battlefield and react accordingly. Kracktos can be found in packs of five or more, though often separate to pick their targets.

They are one of the few Dreamspawn who do not fear Mangus Knights and will readily select targets from even them. Once they have selected and prepared for their target, they will patiently wait and follow their victim, often luring them to their trap with nightmares and dreams, making them compulsively want to walk into their trap. As the victim comes closer, they will weave greater and greater webs of nightmares and dreams into the victim's reality, until they become physically incapable of discerning truth from fiction. At this point, the Kracktos will move in for the kill without mercy or hesitation.

Victims of a Kracktos can be left traumatized or even permanently trapped in a lucid dream, no longer able to interact with the waking world, forever trapped within the Dreamscape.