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Lord Aryon is the leader of the Hawk Elves, and is one of their greatest warriors and legends. He vigorously defends the village with his sword, the Thunderedge, a weapon of great power.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lord Ayron has shaggy white hair and a decently grown beard, unusual for most of his people. He has blue eyes and wears blue armor with yellow trim, and is one of the few members of Hawk Elf society to even bear any form of metallic armor. He possesses numerous scars, most prominent being the x shaped one on his cheek.

Lord Aryon is very gracious and respectable, rarely growing angry and is very understanding of his subjects. He rules by necessity over want. He is rather soft when it comes to punishments in general, but when unspeakable atrocity is committed, Lord Aryon is one of the most vicious applicants of justice one could meet.

History Edit

After the fall of the Celestial Empire, Lord Aryon and Tama established the Hidden Village deep in the Blackwood Forest, serving as protectors and defenders of the Hawk Elf people. At some point after Nel and Elise's parents were declared dead, he was noticed to have grown a beard, possibly in remorse in failing to protect one of his own.

At some point he became interested in Nel and Elise's welfare and took to training them on various subjects when he saw fit.

Role in Far East Edit

On a typical day in the Hidden Village, Tama senses something amiss, and contacts Ayron. Informing him that fate has decreed their race's impending demise, the two are somber, finally agreeing to begin a plan in secret. They wonder however if 'they' are ready, to which Ayron responds that they will have to.

Upon the day of Selections, a monster outbreak occurs, causing Tama and Ayron to call the young initiates to the Temple. They explain the truth of the situation, dismissing notions of combating the enemy, that instead, the young are to flee the village, while everyone distracts the enemy. Lord Ayron stresses the importance of the matter, outright threatening to kill them if they set forth in the village again. After this, Tama tells them that one final Selection will take place, and Tama tells Nel that he will finally see what is inside the tower.

Upon him receiving the Thunderedge, she banishes the young members of the village from its boundaries, leaving them in fate's hands.

On the third day, the enemy, Cale arrives, and begins a slaughter of the entire village. Tama and Ayron are powerless to watch as even Alli is slain in battle against Haro Darien, failing to revive her. Haro and her father General Havoc make their way to the Temple, where a last stand occurs, resulting in the deaths of Tama and Ayron at Havoc's hands...
Far East- Fall of Lord Ayron and Tama

Far East- Fall of Lord Ayron and Tama

Lord Ayron and Tama's Final Stand