Lost Light Chapel

The Lost Light Chapel's courtyard

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The Lost Light Chapel is a distant and isolated complex built by the Order of the Lost Light, a sect of purity and cleansing who believe the chapel grounds are sacred and hold mystical powers. Deep within the Chapel is a legendary pool which is said to possess incredible powers, but few have ever seen it for the Order's interventions. It is one of the main dungeons of the Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale storyline.

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The main exterior portion of the chapel, it is one of the most famous features of the Chapel, many visitors come here to visit the beautiful flowers maintained by the constant vigil of the Monks. A new rose is planted in honor of each person who comes to be laid to rest at this site.

Halls of Memory Edit

The vast network of crypts and tombs beneath the Chapel, it is a sacred and revered ground that few are allowed to trespass upon for fear of disturbing the dead.

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The vast library built by the monks, the Halls of Reflection store vast quantities of knowledge within its walls.

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Graves of countless people are located throughout the complex, built for the average man.

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