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Majoria is a temperate landmass with many different nations and climates, located at the center of Oxorin. Of all of the realms of Oxorin, this one is one with the greatest and most destructive events of the world, its history runs deep, with many great heroes and villains coming to light.

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The old land of Majoria was a single gigantic landmass with countless large rivers and lakes. In the center of the realm lay a massive forest nurtured by the Tree of Life. To the East lay the great Domorond Mountain Range, which was often adorned with beautiful white snowpeaks. To the south was a vast tropical wilderness full of jungles and swamps. The very tip of the realm was quarantined by a series of mountains of dark obsidian lined volcanoes, only accessible via a mountain pass. To the north was a series of vast plains and forests, with the occasional foothills.


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During the age of the Brink, Oxorin was broken into what became known as Domains, each with their own unique environments. Many of them were radically transformed by the devastation, plains became deserts and mountains, forests ushered forth, wastelands were born of farmlands, and the seas drained into the abyss. The skies became shadowed purple by the negative energy of the Brink.

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World of SR

The new Majoria was utterly transformed after the restoration of the realms, new life was breathed into the Domains.

To the north and along the entire western side of the realm, a vast, magnificent forest was born, the north a vast jungle, while to the west pine and oak forests came forth. In the central region of the land, a vast stretch of plains is cradled by three major mountain ranges, the East and Southern ranges vast snowy expanses, while the further west range was sheer impenetrable stone. A new world, and new possibilities.

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