The Mangus Knights is a organization created and overseen by Ze, the primary deity of Ardor. It was created to counter and defeat the threat of Awaken and his monsters, the Dreamspawn. Both government and military power in one, its leader the Grand Knight has absolute authority over all of Ardor and its citizenry. Its members can be identified by their cloak and hood visage.

Ranking and Power Structure Edit

Grand Knight Edit

Council of Three Edit

Inter-Territorial Knight Edit

The most elite of all Knights, and either work across two or three territories. They answer only to each other, the Council of Three, or the Grand Knight themselves. Their might is legendary and not to be trifled with.

Territorial Knight Edit

The Territorial Knight has authority across the entirety of one of the three Territories of Ardor, and is one of the most senior and trusted members of the Knights. Their prowess and skill is to not be underestimated. They are considered high commanders and command both of the lower class divisions.

Inter-Regional Knight Edit

Allowed to work outside of their general region, these Knights serve a vast area and often take incredibly high level jobs in order to earn Territorial Knight class. They are trusted members of the state and have well earned their worth.

Regional Knight Edit

Regional Knights make up the bulk of the Mangus Knight's middleclass armed forces, and are often fresh starts from completing the Sectoral Trials, or seasoned warriors who prefer to remain grounded at home. They have command over the Sectoral Knights and are considered senior officers.

Inter-Sectoral Knight Edit

The higher ranking variant of the Sectoral Knight, these Knights are permitted to operate in multiple sectors. They have a far greater amount of agency and respect among the civilian population.

Sectoral Knight Edit

The most populous type of member, either new recruits or vets who prefer to serve locally rather than expand for sake of glory and fame. Sectoral Knights are the bottom class rank and may only work in the Sectors designated to them, to work outside a single sector makes them classified as a Inter-Sectoral Knight.

They are akin to police and low level military officers, responsible for the general safety of the public and low level threats from the Dreamspawn. They are typically cannon fodder in large scale invasions however.