This page follows the progression of AwaKen. Spoilers are present.


The Moon is a celestial body created by Ze to serve as a second world for the burdening population of Ardor, prior to Awaken's attack on Ardor. It is largely a desolate rocky body covered in vast glaciers and deep ravines, with tiny patches of flora and almost no natural fauna.


For countless years the world of Ardor lacked a moon, but after many years of population density issues, Ze was forced to create a second planet to harbor the people. While he was busy, Awaken returned from his long absence to begin attempting to destroy Ardor once more, this time followed by an army of Dreamspawn. Ze was forced to abandon the second world plan and focused on defending Ardor.

Even after Awaken was defeated again, Ze never finished the Moon's completion, and thus it remains in its incomplete form, as Ze has worked tirelessly to undo Awaken's grievous destruction of the land.

In recent years it has been infested by hordes of Dreamspawn.

In game Edit

The Moon will either be a secondary Overworld map, or be left out of the reboot of AwaKen: Descent Into Slumber. If included, it may serve as the second half or even End Game content.