Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Unnamed Parents (Deceased), Alli (Aunt)
Status Active
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Brown Hair
Height -
Blood type B-
Age 15
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Hidden Village
Weapons Swords, Bladed Weapons
Species Hawk Elf
Base of Operations None
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Carpenter
Current Occupation Surviving
Abilities -
Fighting Style -
Partner Elise
Team -
Relatives Unnamed Parents, Alli
Marital Status Single

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Nel is a Hawk Elf originating from the Hidden Village outside of Blackwood. He is a close friend of Elise and is the nephew of Alli. He serves as an apprentice carpenter until the invasion of Cale.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Nel has light brown hair and gold/brown eyes, usually with a wisecracking smile or contented grin. He wears a cloth wrap on his head to keep his hair from getting too sweaty while he works as a carpenter. He wears leather armor and clothing typically. He only dresses decent to appease Alli.

History Edit

Nel's parents at an early age disappeared, leaving his aunt Alli to take care of him for most of his life. Despite how he feels about his past, Nel has grown up to endure sadness and take it in stride, often making light of the situation, mainly for his own sake, but also to lighten the mood in general for others. Nel is peculiar as his wings as a Hawk Elf have yet to grow, which typically happens at adolescence.

Nel in game

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Nel, mainly a fighter.