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Nero is the main protagonist of the Shattered Realms series and plays a key role in multiple parts of the series, including Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale, their debut game. They can be multiple races, though Mortal Tale has the most limited roster of available races to play starting off, as well as male or female. For the female variations of Nero, see Xiaa.

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Brink Saga Edit

Regardless of race chosen, Nero was first born in the age of the Brink, and from there, various events would unfold that would shape the course of history. Much of their history from this original age has been lost.

SR:MT Edit

The main character finds them self awakening after many eons of slumber, and is soon forced to begin a battle to escape The Underworld, facing off against Death on the way, meeting Xiaa, their spirit guide in the process.

Upon being reborn in the Mortal Realm, they find that Death has claimed much of Majoria and it is becoming a losing battle, meeting various characters such as Prophet Me'zhad, who help them discover their purpose and search for a way to defeat Death and his various allies. A battle for the world and themselves ensues, with no clear answer as to when it will end.

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