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The Order of the Lost Light is an organization of holy men who safeguard the Well of the Moon, located beneath Lost Light Chapel. Reknowned for their steadfast compassion and openness to those in need, they use their affinity with the Well to heal and restore those struck by misfortune. They are however, very overprotective of the Well, out of fear that it could be misused.

Origin and History Edit

The Order of the Lost Light was founded after a number of monks discovered a magical lake with healing properties, and set to work creating a sanctuary for those needing refuge, and established a reputation of healing and kindness. At first a tiny establishment, hundreds have assembled over the years in support and a desire to become closer to this organization's way of life. They in recent years have begun ministry beyond their isolated part of the realm to areas across the Southern Commonwealth, and have begun training Paladins in order to offer not only healing and kindness, but protection and peace.

Organization Edit

The Order is composed of a number of various positions, with a very limited hierarchy.

  • Seer - The rank designated to the select few permitted to directly access and engage with the Well. No more than ten are ever elected.
  • Priest - Tasked with distributing healing and reaching out to the community, they are the hand and shield of the ministry. They also train Paladins in the way of temperance and compassion, a Paladin must first train as a priest before they make take up the sword.
  • Paladin - A group of armored knights sworn to the mission of peace, kindness, healing, and sanctuary. They number as many as two hundred.