Pitos are a kind of tiny monster native to the world of Oxorin. Small, but ferocious, they appear as two variety of monster, a tiny lizard humanoid or a wolf variety. The wolf variety lives in plains and hilly landscapes where caves offer them shelter, while the lizard variety live further on in the swamps and tropical regions of the world.

While the wolf kin variety are true Pito, the lizard kind are a descendant of the more powerful Sha'yune, actual lizardmen. They share the same ferocity as the wolf kin though.

The origins of the Pito themselves is largely unknown, as the most people have been able to gather about them is they seem to worship wolves, or serpents. Commonly known to harass merchants and travelers who do not know how to ward them off.

Physiology Edit

The Pito are ferocious creatures, and despite their size, are incredibly dangerous to those who do not give them credit, as a single Pito is vicious enough to take down a full grown man alone, a pack can be a challenge, even for more experienced adventurers. They are akin to Goblins, though more common. They operate via blind rage and sheer numbers, though some are intelligent enough to serve as shamans or mages, though mages are weaker. They make excellent bandits and rogues, their size lets them slip into even the most heavily guarded city.