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Info Edit

The Prophet of Chaos, known more as the Cult Leader or Cloaked Man, is a powerful enemy in Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale . He is the boss of the first main chapter of the game, and one of the few reoccurring bosses ingame.

Story Edit

The Prophet is first seen in the Pito Caves, where it is revealed he is the one causing the Pitos to cause disturbances in the Ancient Hills , using them as a distraction. It is revealed that he tricked Iskar into turning her own friends into monsters, and challenges the party into a battle. Afterwards, he warns the main character not to challenge him again.

Themes Edit

SR-MT OST- The Upwelling

SR-MT OST- The Upwelling

Cloaked Man Boss Fight Theme

SR-MT Ost- Force of Malice

SR-MT Ost- Force of Malice

Chapter 2 Final Boss (Phase 1-2) Phase 3 Penultimate Boss