Only as united stone can the world withstand the waves of change.
The Archdemon
The Imperial Dragon
Great Wyrm of Fire
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Second Primeval Era
Status Active
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color -
Height -
Blood type Sulfur
Age Undetermined
Weight -
Health Healthy
Affiliation The Order of Isfet
Weapons Claws, Teeth, Wings, Tail, Horns
Species True Red Dragon
Base of Operations Gaia
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Patron of The Legion
Current Occupation Leader of the Dragons of Isfet
Abilities Fire Breath, Fire Magic, Chaos Magic, Cosmic Magic
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team The Order of Isfet
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Ruin'evere is a powerful True Red Dragon who lords over Chaos aligned dragons, who call themselves the Order of Isfet. He champions the notion of one great nation rather than many united nations working together as the way to protect the world. He dislikes the notion of Order, as he believes it cannot be maintained without the threat of Chaos to sustain it. He was once the Patron of the Great Imperium, but has since returned to his lordship over the Order of Isfet, which seeks to bring balance between Order and Chaos, rather than continue their feud.