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All information compiled here is from incomplete, unfinished games. As such, only a limited amount of lore is actually complete. This is the Primeval Era in which much of the first half of the series' lore takes place, the second half is the Third Primeval Era. At this time be aware that it will take a long time to compile this Era's lore, be patient and know that some information will come at the completion of several games.

The Legend of Awaken

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New Beginnings Edit


The History of Ardor Edit

  • Ardor is created by the Ardorite Pantheon

Ardor as of AwaKen: Descent Into Slumber Edit

  • Humanity is brought into a perfect world by Ze
  • Awaken appears, destroys half of Ardor
  • The Mangus Knights are created
  • Awaken is pushed out and defeated, rise of the Dreamspawn
  • The First Peace
  • Awaken returns
  • The Second Dream War
  • Awaken is defeated again
  • The Second Peace
  • Dreamspawn begin to stir once more, death is returnning to Ardor
  • Siege of Kanora
  • Awaken Returns

The Second Chaos War Looms Edit

The Ordering of Oxorin Edit

  • The world of the Titans, Gaia, is surrounded by a debris field hardening into a shell
  • The Titans construct the Catacombs, pillars to hold up the crust
  • The terraforming of the shell begins, landmasses, oceans are born
  • Primitive life forms, nurtured by the Titans
  • The Titans return to Gaia, some stay and become Celestials, Highborn, Giants
  • Giants become many species, birth of the Ogres, Trolls, Orcs.

Ancient Histories Edit

  • The Sha'yune invade Majoria, conquer the continent
  • The Giantkin are uprooted and pushed into the Deep South
  • The Highborn cross the Eastern Sea, land in the Northlands
  • The Imperial Wars Begin
  • Majora and Oy'zara make a peace pact
  • Highborn devolve into elves and humans
  • Dwarves emerge from the depths

Oxorin as of Genesis Edit


Oxorin as of The Brink Saga Edit


The Singularity Event and Recreation Edit