The Sha'yune are a collective of lizard and snake like races under a common banner. They have bases in both the ocean and on land, though their nation's official borders are not well known, as humanity and the Sha'yune often clash over territory. They are most prominent in the northern jungles, coasts, and swamps.

Subspecies Edit

Hin-gorie Edit

Hin-gorie are stocky lizardfolk, known commonly as worker class Sha'yune. They often have long prehensile tongues and armor like scales, with yellowish clawed hands. They stand two feet above the average human male. (See picture to right)

Ov'vekai Edit

Ov'vekai are thin, intelligent snake like humanoids, with some mixes of lizard and dragonic features. The most prominent members of their society have dragon like wings. Ov'vekai are noted to have two snake tails rather than one, and it is not uncommon to see snake headed ones. ...Or for that matter, for them to have multiple limbs, including heads.



Naga Edit

A new race to the Sha'yune, Naga are human like beings with a snake like body. While they have arms and normal human heads, they have scales all over their body, and their torso is partially snake partially mammal, with belly scales running all the way up to the chin. They can grow quite large, four times the size of an average adult male human, and can easily be considered geniuses, baring high intellect that rivals the Ov'vekai, giving them a potential spot for nobility.

Asgarian Pito Edit

The Asgarian Pito is a slave race of the Sha'yune, no higher than the knee of most humans. They are cowardly lizardfolk and commonly work with the Sha'yune to avoid being attacked by more powerful races. They are not known to be related to proper Pitos, but get the name from their size and behavior patterns. They are known to be rather dumb.

Sulvian Hydra Edit

A rather intelligent species of Hydra, the Sulvians serve as guardians to the Sha'yune and have been closely allied with them for thousands of years. Distinguished for their lethal venom, they are known as Blackhead Snakes in their smaller stage and are a major pest in the North lands.

Nations Edit

Oy'zarian Empire Edit

Located at the central landmass known as Majoria, it is one of the few Sha'yune nations that are currently interacted with the general people of Oxorin, as the others remain mysterious, lying beyond the misty oceans.

Lorgan Daleshi Edit

The main empire located to the south, it is the oldest and most powerful of the five. Hellbent on regaining authority over all five. Extremely antagonistic to other races.

 ??? - Western Empire Edit

 ??? - Eastern Empire Edit

 ??? - Northern Empire Edit