Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale is the first game in the sister series of Shattered Realms: Brink Saga, the Hero's Tale Tetralogy. It is the first game in the Third Primeval Era storyline, and the middle point of the overall mega series of Axis of Destruction's timeline.

It is considered a sequel to the Shattered Realms: Brink Saga era storyline, continuing several thousand years after the end of the events of Brink Saga.

The Heroes

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Story Edit

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale is set in the fictional world of Oxorin, many years after countless monumental changes ravaged the realm, traces of the ancient past are scattered far and wide. In a world full of titanic beings, humankind and other humanoids seem like meek ants.

One day, it was proclaimed that Chaos would return once again to the world, and the proclamation rang out like the grim toll of a bell, sending a wave of disaster upon the world. With the fall of kings and nations, the times turned grim, and the people turned on the Prophets, the ancient speakers of the will of the gods. To add to their misery, Death himself has risen to claim all of Oxorin, and none can defeat the spectral being.

While all this happens, the one glimmer of hope the Prophets spoke of, The Last Hero, returns, though to usher in the days of old or to completely revolutionize the world... that is their tale. Your tale.

Characters Edit

Gameplay/Features Edit

  • Open World
  • Turn Based Combat
  • Death Curse System (Limited time to survive, defeating enemies refreshes timer)
  • Markstone Realm (Reach locations you've been to before with teleportation)
  • Branching Storylines (Multiple endings and storylines in a single game, your choices heavily impact the story)
  • Jumping
  • Sprinting
  • Secret Locations and Lore

Release Date Edit

Demo Release Date: LIVE

Game Release Date: TBA