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The Singularity Crisis was an event of the Second Primeval Era, caused when Apothis, using his Avatar The Mad One, attempted to collapse all of the universe into a Singularity, and erase it from existence. The Singularity Crisis occurred during the final battle between The Mad One, The Brink Crusade, Nero, Vifur Heltimen, and Red Knight.

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The Mad One ultimately failed to defeat the heroes who had arrived at the heart of the Singularity, and within the soul of the fallen human paladin used to sustain the Mad One, a final battle to determine the fate of existence was carried out, with the heroes vanquishing the soul of [redacted], putting an end to the Mad One's hold over the universe, and the equivalent of a Big Bang resulted as Positive and Negative Quintessence was unleashed in a maelstrom that completely reforged the Universes anew, resulting in the Third Primeval Era, and resetting the balance of power of Order, Chaos, Evil, and Good.

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