The best of things are never seen. Their enjoyment comes from the way you choose to live your life.
Primordial of Good
Sacred Queen
The Holy Mother
Important Information
Gender Female (Presented As)
Birth Date First Primeval Era
Family Hebi, Umetherial, Apothis
Status Active
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Height -
Blood type Quintessence
Age Infinite
Weight -
Health Infinite
Affiliation Pantheon of Good
Weapons -
Species Primordial
Base of Operations Seat of the Primordials, The Aetherial
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Ruler of all Good Things
Abilities Omnipotence, Primordial Light, Concept of Good
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team The Pantheon of Good
Relatives Hebi (Brother), Apothis (Uncle), Umetherial (Father)
Marital Status Single

The Primordial of Good, and one of the most mysterious of the four Primordials. Believed to be the only female Primordial, Taka is the Queen of Good, and the concept of Good itself. She and Hebi were defined and given shape by Umetherial, but remains an elusive Primordial to even notice. Unlike the other Primordials, she keeps to herself and is rarely involved in world affairs.

History Edit

Taka was created as a result of the actions of Primeval Sin, as the anti thesis of Evil. After this, her essence was infused in the Dragons and Dijra, causing both races to change and evolve depending on their orientation to either Hebi or Taka. From her was also born the Angels and the Demons, though the second race was created unwillingly when Hebi captured and used her, though she was released when Umetheral intervened.

She has since remained relatively out of world affairs, though she directly governs the Pantheon of Good, and allows coordination with the Pantheons of Chaos and Order, she never tries to directly influence the world, instead acting through the faithful. Very few can even receive communication with Taka, as she only speaks to Arvenius, the leader of the Pantheon of Good.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Taka has never been encountered by anyone except Arvenius, so her appearance and personality are pretty much a total mystery. Arvenius describes her as beauty beyond the comprehension of comprehension, and that no artist could ever render her visage.

Dragons describe her as the most beautiful of dragons, golden and flawless in every way imaginable, with the most graceful of wings and the finest of scales. However, to humanity, they perceive her as the most beautiful of human women, very much akin to an angel.

This difference in perception of her amongst humanity and dragon kind has caused her originally dragonic form to begin warping into an increasingly more humanoid form, some believe she will eventually become completely humanoid once humanity at large adopts her as their goddess/

Her crest is almost spider like in design, a reference to 'don't judge a book by its cover'.