The Templar States

This page follows the progress of Doragon Konpaku. Spoilers exist.

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Foundation and HistoryEdit

The organization was originally an alliance between the Katana, Zion, and Mongi clans, the three great clans of the world. Each of them were rivals, but put aside old hatred to defend humanity from the great onslaught of the Guadian Horde. After Katrina Katana sacraficed her life to destroy the Black Guadian Dragon, the Zion and Mongi banded together to cement their alliance under the name of the Templar, an organization that would be founded on the idea of humanity working under one great alliance.

After many years, they convinced the many clans of humanity to come together, and sign into the Templar Alliance. With this great power behind them, the Zion and Mongi clans pushed back the weakened Guadian Horde, but eventually could not go any farther. This point was then decreed the site where a great wall would be erected, a wall that would span the whole of the continent and climb even the tallest mountains. The Great Templar wall was erected after many years of fighting, and finally peace slowly settled into the Templar Nation.

Three hundred years ago, the East and West territories sought their own independence, and at first the Templar would not hear of it. But eventually, more and more clans began to demand their independence. With the rising discontent, the 35th Grand Templar made a compromise: The East and West territories could separate into nations based on their clans, including Founding Clans. However, the Founding Clans would have to become part of a Federal government system, called the United Templar States. Satisfied, peace endured between the nations of humanity.

Within the past hundred years, fighting within the Templar States has all but ceased with the Guadian. The only fighting occurring is the constant assault of the Great Templar Wall. This lack of fighting, as well as the non disclosure of the Templar State's activities, has led the West Kingdoms to assume that the Guadian are no longer a threat, and are now refusing to accept recruitment requests from the states, which has begun to weaken the Templar States dramatically.


The Templar have a Captain based government, with various types of captains with different levels of authority.

  1. Grand Templar
  2. Head Captains
  3. Legion Commanders
  4. Squad Captains
  5. Templar Soldier
  6. Recruit