The Abyss, Sealed.


The True Abyss, with Primeval Sin surrounding the Core.

The Abyss is one of seven Universes within the AoD Multiverse. Formerly a realm full of life like any other, it was invaded and destroyed by Primeval Sin, transformed into a Void full of corruption and despair. The Abyss is the home of the demons and devils, their main homeworlds are located here, mainly on the outer edge. Its resident ruler is Primeval Sin, a being of limitless power consumed by corruption, whose very presence corrupts the fabric of reality, and infects everything.

Although currently sealed, the Demons and Devils still work for their master, and evil slowly seeps from the Sealed True Abyss.

Locations Edit

Outer Rim Edit

The outer most reaches, which lie outside the Sealed Void.

Taigan'deus Edit

Zatura Edit

Unnamed Demonic Worlds Edit

Sealed Void Edit

The Seal which prevents the full power of the Void from being unleashed unto the universes. Functions a world as well as a seal.

Event Horizon Edit

The inner region of the Abyss, where Primeval Sin dwells. A red swirling vapor of Corruption is heavily present, at this point, one can only advance, never retreat.

Abyssal Core Edit

A place of Nonexistence, the true lair of Primeval Sin. All who enter are consumed and destroyed.