The Frostfall
[[File:Awakener Belladona|350px|The hour of the Frozen Primal's awakening]]
The hour of the Frozen Primal's awakening
Vital statistics
Participants Antagonists: Caldera | Awakener Belladona | Indervious the Infallible

Protagonists: Player Character: SR:MT | Xiaa | Rivia | Iskar | Mieva

Date 5069 PE|3
Location Caldera's Keep
An event which occurred on the slopes of Highmountain, in which the Main Character and their companion character and whatever party members they have challenge the forces of Caldera as she seeks to unleash the power of the Frozen Primal.

Results Edit

Belladona Redeemed Edit

Belladona is saved and the village and Sacred Valley are restored.

Belladona Corrupted Edit

Belladona is corrupted and must be destroyed. Sacred Valley is restored, but the village is quiet and bitter after the loss of their priestess.

Player and Belladona Corrupted Edit

With Caldera securing victory, Caldera uses Belladona and the Main Character's power to unleash the Frozen Primal and warp Majoria into a frozen hell, leaving future generations to deal with a harsh, bleak future.

Caldera Slain Edit

Caldera is slain, and her spirit returns to Zatura to begin healing. Normal fate.

Caldera Purified Edit

Caldera is transformed into a minor goddess thanks to the Player purifying her soul, and vows to aid the Player, directly or indirectly. Potentially joins the party.