The Majorian - Dragon War
[[File:The Dragon's Wrath|350px|The end of man's glory]]
The end of man's glory
Vital statistics
Participants Majoria: Garuda the Dragonslayer | Majorian Army | Lievea the Sixth

Dragons: Ute'quera | Ruin'evere | Ataraxia

Date 4569 PE|3
Location The Kingdom of Majoria | The Dragon Depths | Kingdom of Candora
A war waged between the Dragons and the Majorian Empire, it was

the last battle fought by the Majorian Empire prior to its destruction at the end of the conflict. The result of the war left a huge power vacuum in human politics, leaving many to scramble to fill the void left by Majoria's passing. It is remembered for lasting only six days, yet is one of the most recent devastating events in human history.

History of the War Edit

In a time of great peace, Majoria was unrivaled in their strength. Upon hearing of the prophesy of the return of Chaos, Majoria's emperess Lievea the Sixth declared she would prove the greatness of humanity's greatest nation by doing the impossible: destroying the Dragons. In an initial show of might, Majoria succeeded in blowing open a huge hole in the Dragon Depths, and slaughtered countless dragon younglings, unaware that the mighty beasts they thought they were slaying were the youngest of the Dragon's brood.

In dark fury, millions upon millions of Dragons took to the sky, and did what no nation could before: utterly annihilated the empire. Using the might of magic far beyond human comprehension, nothing humanity could do could stop the Dragons, not even the mightiest of Dragonslayers. After five days, one powerful black dragon single handedly knocked the capital city of Majoria down from the heavens, where the last lone Dragonslayer died attempting to defend his homeland, leaving a legacy of dishonor and disgrace to his future generations and family.

Aftermath Edit

In the aftermath of the war, the survivors of the empire remain to this day in the shadows of their kingdom, bitter and mourning, as even to this day Dragons continually raid the destroyed nation, to remind the people of their folly. Gardis, the grandson of the Last Dragonslayer, left his homeland in search of a better future, a people worth protecting.