Red Knight
[[File:Red Knight]]
The Ever Vigilant Mystery
Red Queen of the Sun
The Imperial Goddess
The Dragon Titan
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Second Primeval Era
Family ???
Status Active
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Pink-Red
Height -
Blood type Quintessence
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Immortal
Affiliation Pantheon of Order, Umetherial
Weapons Redfeather, Hyperion
Species Goddess, Humanoid (Unknown)
Base of Operations The Far Realm
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Goddess of Order, Destroying Chaos
Abilities Order Manipulation, Supreme Alchemy, Science Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Dream Manipulation
Fighting Style The Rising Star
Partner None
Team Pantheon of Order
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

A mysterious goddess whose true name and origins are of current times, unknown. She is only known to reside in The Far Realm, maintaining a secretive and private realm of her own within. She is to play a critical role in the SR:MT storyline.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Red Knight appears in two variations, as a brown hooded figure with no discernible traits, or a heavily armored dragon like being that is more distinctly female. In the second form, she bears six wings in total, and appears to wear armor resembling that of a dragon, though her tail and wings are real. She has long pinkish red hair and speaks very quiet and soft.

In terms of her character, little is known about her save that she has the main characters' interests in mind, and she always affirms the role of man and god, stating that those who survive are the ones with the favor of the gods.

History Edit

Little is known about this mysterious goddess, save for her desire to restore order to the world of Oxorin and defeat Death. It is suggested that she knows the main character from another life, and that their return to the world of the living is her way of giving them the benefit of the doubt.

She was known to have participated in the Singularity Crisis.

Battle Edit

Red Knight appears as the first encounter in the game, beating her tutorial fight is required to pass.

Stats Edit

H 4000
E 4000
STR 50
DEX 50
AGI 50
INT 50
ATK 100
PDEF 100
MDEF 100
EXP 50
G 50
Red Knight

Red Knight Fighter Design

Tactics Edit

Red Knight will explain the use of 'Attack', 'Item', and 'Ability' on the starting turn, then let the player attack. After receiving damage both times, she will exchange blows back and forth until a few turns later, when she begins to be serious and the full battle begins. She will use Barrier, Fire, and Holy Smite at random.

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