The Titans are an ancient race that first came to be during the First Primeval Era billions of years ago, and can still be found in select worlds, while traces can still be found of their presence prior. They are the first true mortal race and as such, their accomplishments were almost godlike. It is believed they grew so arrogant that they challenged the Deities to war for supremacy, and nearly won. They are the ancestors of Celestials, Highborn, Elves, and Humans.

They are suspected to be the original creators of Oxorin.

Physiology Edit

The Titans are some of the largest beings in the cosmos, being the forefathers of the Giants and Celestials. They have some of the greatest physical attributes of any race, and absolutely dwarf humans and other similarly sized beings.

Magic flows like liquid fire within these beings, and are almost completely attuned to the world, Quintessence, and all energy in total. Their incredibly vast spiritual power as well as physical strength make them the most dangerous of all of the mortal races, as godly feats are well within their grasp, such as the creation of artificial stellar masses and planets.

Incredibly wise and knowledgeable in their crafts, the Titans and their handiwork seem completely alien and unreachable in its complexity and range of abilities. They above all else were known for highly optimistic and broad views, believing all are meant for greatness, and those who do not find it are unfulfilled, and as such, each Titan is dedicated to creating a flawless masterpiece to have their feats recorded in the annuls of history.

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Collapse of the Dijra Empire and Exile Edit

Prior to existing as Titans, they were once members of the great Dijra Empire, which spanned much of the Universes, and served as a great rival to the Dragons. Following the Dijra's defeat after the war, the great empire was scattered across the cosmos, this division of their people began the first instance of Devolution.

With their boundless powers shackled and made limited, the Titans were now mortal, and this mortality made them fearful and distrustful to each other and other races, prompting countless years of infighting.

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Weary of the heavy losses and decline of their species into the Giants and Celestials, the remaining Titans settled into countless smaller worlds, in relative isolation. One particular world would become one of the largest surviving kingdoms of the Titans after the war, Gaia. Some of the greatest minds of their generation set foot here, and began creating a grand, prosperous community upon the world. None have ever seen their great works, but they are perhaps some of the most valuable relics of ancient knowledge in history.

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