All of creation shall prevail
The Primordial of Order
The Shaper of All Things
Lord of the Realms
Important Information
Gender Male (Presented as)
Birth Date The First Primeval Era
Family Apothis, Taka, Hebi
Status Infinite
Eye Color Any
Hair Color Any
Height Infinite
Blood type Quintessence
Age Infinite
Weight Infinite
Health Eternal
Affiliation The Concept of Order
Weapons -
Species Primordial
Base of Operations The Void, Seat of the Primordials
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation The protection of Order, Protecting the Universe from Apothis
Abilities Conceptual Order, Decree, Omnipotent Science, Omniflare, Big Bang
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives Apothis (Creator/Father), Taka (Creation/Daughter), Hebi (Creation/Son)
Marital Status -

This section refers to one of the Shattered Realms Primordials.


Umetherial is the Primordial of Order, and is the second oldest Primordial, the elder being Chaos's Primordial, Apothis. The being that created the very definitions that would become scientific law, he gave shape to the universes, which were created from the blood of Apothis and Umetherial as they waged their endless wars with each other.


Birth and The War of Creation Edit

Umetherial was created as an equal but opposite existence to Apothis, and for a time, the two existed in peace. However, their history turned dark as Apothis began to see Umetherial as a failed creation, not perfect like himself. Attempting to erase Umetherial from existence, but finding Umetherial's power to great to counter, Apothis was forced to enter a vicious war with Umetherial, one which would cause the two Primordials to shed their blood into the empty cosmos, forming the basis of the future Universes. Eventually, with no clear victor, the two would separate. Umetherial would go on to investigate the Quintessence spilled out into the Cosmos, and thus began shaping existence. Apothis would watch from the shadows, vengeful and despising his child, awaiting a time he could destroy him.

Creation of Life and Umetherial's Crusade Edit