Senerai, the Universe of Will.

There are a total of seven universes, with one being inhospitable, known as The Abyss. Created by Umetherial, the Universes are composed of Quintessence on a scale unimaginable to any mortal, or even deity.

Composition and Formation Edit

The Universes have a single point which is fixed and constant, the Seat of the Primordials, which not only serves as a neutral meeting ground of the four Primordials, but also the origin of new matter. From here, new Quintessence is created and distributed. Surrounding this area is the Primal Realm, which is where Quintessence forms into matter and energy, and is distributed into the Heavens, a region of space occupied by brand new galaxies, stars, and planets. It is where all young and thriving worlds are located, and is the most peaceful of the regions accessible to mortals.

Beyond the Heavenly Realm lies the Mortal Realm, composed mainly of yellow, orange, and occasional red stars. While not as stable, it is generally where the more older, powerful deities and worlds lie. Much of the series takes place here. On the outer ring's edge is when the Far Realm becomes visible, and is a sure sign of the end of time for a world. Populated by red stars, the Belt of Entropy is where Quintessence passes into the Far Realm and is eventually recycled and returned to the Seat of the Primordials.

Known Universes Edit

The Abyss Edit

Main homeland of Devils and Demons. Formerly Abberai.

Senerai Edit

Primary setting of AwaKen, Shattered Realms, and Far East series. Predominantly Elven Universe, and the most acknowledged location.

Forerai Edit

Dorerai Edit

Yggerai Edit

The last Dijran-Titan Universe, home of the Yggdrasil Empire. Setting of Demi Dawn.

Guierai Edit

Osserai Edit