Ute'quera is a Black Thorn Drake residing in The Ruins of Gran Dom'orond, and is known as the Slayer of the

Dwarves, having made the entire race extinct on Oxorin. Ute'quera is a future boss of Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale.

History Edit

In the last battle of the Majorian - Dragon War, Ute'quera singlehandedly knocked down the Majorian capital city from the sky, effectively ending the war. Several hundred years would pass before Ute'quera would strike again, this time utterly erasing the Dwarves from existence in the Undersiege of Dom'orond.

She is expected to awaken at the second to last chapter of the game.

Themes Edit

Terror of the Sky - Ute'quera Theme

Battle Among Heaven - Ute'quera Theme 2

??? - Final Ute'quera Battle