Before editing the wiki, please take a moment to read the information provided about expanding the mythos of Axis of Destruction.

Axis of Destruction is intended to largely be an open story, meant for others to create their own stories and ideas based on the mythos established. However, to make sure corruption of information does not occur, the wiki will have certain guidelines.

Lore/Submission Rules Edit

  1. Before you edit pages and sections pertaining to lore, please verify with Axis of Destruction as to the authenticity of the information. If creating one's own world, please respect the original content, races already existent should not be changed beyond acceptable perimeters.
  2. Certain concepts are not to be tampered with. The Primordials and existing Deities must be approved before use or mention is acceptable for alternate stories. As for characters already existing, express permission is required for their use, and basic qualities such as their personality, gender, motivations, history, are not subject to change.
  3. Stories created by users can be accepted as official canon if sent and approved to Axis of Destruction. However, stories not approved or denied must provide a disclaimer, and a tag marking it as non canon. Examples of what criteria are looked for: aligns with and does not conflict with previous lore, respects and uses characters already created properly, does not violate copyright of other intellectual properties, is well thought out and concise.
  4. This is not a roleplay wiki, do not use the wiki as a roleplay or create characters with the intent to rp and change lore.
  5. Fan Games and materials may be created and are welcome, as long as no official assets are used. Permissions can be granted for these projects, and may even be authorized as official parts of the story and canon, provided this is approved by Axis of Destruction.
  6. No Real World Settings: If it takes place on Earth, not permitted. AoD is a completely different setting with Seven Universes, there's more than enough places for imagination.

Site Rules Edit

  1. No Disorderly Conduct - Free speech is a right, but should not be abused. Racism, Excessive Arguing, Harassment, Bigotry, and other such actions will earn users a quick and most likely permanent block or ban.
  2. No Alternate Accounts - Users may use one additional account for the purposes of emergencies or inability to access with the old account. This may not be used to dodge bans or blocks, and upon doing so will assure a ban with no appeal.
  3. No Spam - Be it in chat or elsewhere, do not spam any messages anywhere to anyone. Violators will not be tolerated.
  4. No False Information or Tampering - Do not lie or otherwise alter information belonging to someone else to make it not true or otherwise inaccurate.
  5. Ask Questions, Think Before You Act - This means if you have a question or are not sure about something, feel free to ask and don't edit if you are not positive on the validity of the information. Moderators and Admins here will answer any questions.
  6. No Commercials - Seriously, don't self advertise. Talking in casual conversation and breifly mentioning your content is fine. Trying to sell a game of yours is not.

How You Can Help Edit

  • The Wiki is looking for active story tellers and contributors to help grow the site and story, new ideas are welcome.
  • Fan Art is amazing. If you like the concepts of Axis of Destruction, consider putting those pencils and tablets to work and help us conceptualize the world of AoD! It's not only helpful to us, but helps make the wiki a little bit more lively and colorful.
  • The team could always use a few more hands. Really skilled at game design? We could use extra hands. Axis of Destruction is a collaborative game developer and is always seeking to make new contacts.